Helping where we can

We are proud to be associated with and support local and national organisations.

Save the Children


Each year children die from starvation and in poverty. In 2008 we decided that we would do something to help and each year since we have sent money to buy vitally needed equipment, food, medicines and training. It is a simple thing to do. At Christmas we don’t send cards to our customers, instead we use the money that would have been spent on cards and postage for these important resources. We can do more and donate more of our profits. Why not join us?

For as little as £10 you can make a difference. Visit the shop and select something that will change lives.

Spend £50 and you could help a whole community. With gifts for education and to help someone earn a living, you have the potential to feed a family.

Defence Discount Service

DDS supporter

All qualifying personal receive between 10% – 25% off our packages. Details are available through Defence Discount Services website or contact us directly.

Passing on Gifts and Promotional Items

Like many businesses, we get free gifts with items we buy and sometimes the occasional promotional item. To support local clubs, we pass these on to help raise money at auctions to bolster club funds.

Local Cubs and Scouts

Supporting local scouts to maintain their hut via the ‘buy a brick’ campaign.