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Beware WinZip Emails

( is not the same as

Below you will see a couple of images, the first is from an email where the logo and information all relate to, but the links go to Of course it is not uncommon to have a sub-domain for email or support, but if this was a sub-domain it should be

When I received this I thought ‘well that looks like a good product’, but I have always been careful about clicking links and so used a ‘WhoIs’ to look up both domains. and are not the same company. Next I went to the winzip site to see if this product was listed, it wasn’t.

Next I searched for email-winzip and found a number of sites suggesting this was excellent software, but I carried on looking and came across articles saying this is actually malware. A clever con? I’ll not take the chance.

Winzip Malware Protector?

It is easy to be taken in by a scam and I must admit, this is a good one, but I am suspicious by nature and did some digging before going any further

Winzip’s Real Site

No such products exist on the Winzip site. Winzip is part of the Coral group of companies.

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