Email deliverability in an increasingly complicated world

/Email deliverability in an increasingly complicated world

Email deliverability in an increasingly complicated world

One area we have become more concerned about during 2016 was the ability to increase the deliverability of email. A surprising number of people believe email to be both instantaneous and guaranteed.

With the average delivery rates from systems other than person to person is only around 80%; emails such as website sign-up confirmation, messages from social media and account maintenance messages end up blocked by an ISP, or if you are lucky your own spam/junk folder.

Maintaining the reputation of the sending domain can be an uphill battle and harm is done, sometimes irreparable harm, when the domain or website is compromised. Mail delivery systems use spam lists to score emails; getting added to a list might happen through no fault of your own, but getting removed from a list is difficult and sometimes impossible. In the worst cases, a change of domain name might be the only solution and that could be very costly in terms of marketing budget alone. Keeping domains and services free of malware and thus helping to maintain the reputation of the domain fails mostly to the domain owner, as it is their actions, or inaction, that allows the compromise to take place. Business owners need policies and procedures to safeguard their digital identity and expecting someone else to do this for you, and for free, is only a dream.

For our part, we continue to improve our knowledge, keep up-to-date with challenges, to advise, and to take action where it will be of benefit. In every scenario, education is our best tool and we know this message has been received by our customers, as they are happy to call us up if they have suspicions; and we are happy to help them when they do.

For businesses that need to guarantee a higher delivery rate or even the ability to track email, we do have some additional services we can employ. Services for routeing and tracking delivery are extremely helpful and cost effective.

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