GDPR – You must act

/GDPR – You must act

GDPR – You must act

GDPR – What is it?

If you are in business then you will have heard of GDPR. This is a law that will affect all businesses and all need to make changes to meet the legislation. If this is news to you, act now or face a potential fine of up to *€20 Million or 4% of turnover.

It is up to you, the business owner and business manager to ensure you have taken steps to protect the data you hold. If you are unsure, we can advise and help you with the technology you use. This not just about big databases of personal details but could be as simple as an email sent to the wrong person or losing a computer that is un protected.

Malware is everywhere and a very large and constant threat comes from spoofing emails and the like. You need to be exceptionally careful or you need to buy in the tools that will help protect you. It is imperative that all staff are trained and understand your company policies on data safety.

As an IT supplier, we recommend and can supply a number of products that will go some way to protecting data. E.g. if you use Office 365 and have a protection suite such as Kaspersky or Sophos, then you will have some of the tools that help with this. You need to do more and a good place to start is to carryout an assessment.

If you haven’t yet completed a GDPR assessment, a good guide is available free of charge from Kaspersky

Your website privacy policy will need to reflect the changes you have made to your operating procedures. If you have your own legal department, please ask them to send us your updated policy for your website and we will add this.

If you do not have the appropriate legal documents, we can provide these and update your site. Prices start at just £50. Please ask for a quote.

We have the following basic documents, each of which can be tailored to your needs.

  • Website Privacy Policy
  • Website Privacy Policy – Basic – No Data
  • Website Privacy Policy – Basic – No Cookies
  • Website Privacy Policy – First Party Cookies Only
  • Website Privacy Policy – First Party Cookies + Analytics
  • Website Privacy Policy – First & Third Party Cookies
  • Website Privacy Policy – First & Third Party Cookies + Analytics

Temerity Media Ltd is a Microsoft Partner and so can provision and support all Microsoft products. We also provide Kaspersky licences and manage these centrally. If you need a licence for Kaspersky, please let us know in the next month so that we can make that provision. Our licences run from April through March each year. Existing users will be contacted before the current licence expires.

*The higher amount will apply.

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GDPR Benchmark assessment from Microsoft

Microsoft Compliance Journey – Microsoft 365 If you want to know more about Microsoft 365 and how we can help you implement Enterprise grade services, call us.


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