So I arrive in the office earlier this month and find a gleaming new MAC gracing my desk. Here at Temerity Media, we long to move away from Windows and, for me, this has now become a reality. Having used iPhones and iPads for a number of years, I would like to think I can find my way around an Apple device but I have never used a MAC before so would the transition be a smooth one?

I needn’t have worried. Setup was a breeze and within minutes, I had all my apps, emails and specialist SEO software loaded and ready for use. Having used other Apple devices, the screen has a familiar look to it so I was able to find my way around relatively quickly, and data migration from my Windows machine was simple and completed without any issues.

Within a couple of days I had really got to grips with working on the MAC although getting used to the smaller keyboard and the magic mouse took a bit longer but I have mastered these now. So how do I feel about the MAC today? Suffice to say that I certainly wouldn’t go back to using anything else!