Migrating email the easy way

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Migrating email the easy way

We decided to become a Microsoft Partner in 2016 so as to take advantage of some great deals and, more importantly, build a system that would allow us to keep our Office and Exchange users up-to-date. Email is always the big issue when it comes to updating or migrating services and so some considerable effort was put into making this as simple and smooth as possible. One year on and we have nearly migrated all or users. Most migrate at the end of a period allowing the least cost.

Our system, which will work on any email account, whether hosted by us or elsewhere, follows around 10 steps, most of which are invisible to the end user. The key to the process is the ability to migrate twice. By this we mean that we set up a mailbox, copy all the data and then, following a check, make the changes to the DNS. Once done and when we are happy all mail is flowing to the new mailbox, we can run the migration again and so pick up any mail that arrived after the process started. Finally, a check again will ensure nothing is lost or missed. The old mailbox can then be deleted in the knowledge that data is safe.

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