New hosting for 2017

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New hosting for 2017

Earlier this year we made a decision to move the majority of our small sites to a new hosting platform. This was a tough decision due to the amount of work required to make this move as it requires us to move over 150 websites, 500 mail accounts and around 250 domain names.

Why move then?

We buy services in from server centres and rely on their expertise to run hundreds of servers, managed elements of backup and deal with DNS systems. We have promised to ensure all our data is kept in the UK or Europe so as to ensure we meet data requirements for those clients who need EU based data. Our old supplier had not been kept up to date and was in 2016 bought out by GoDaddy, a US based company. We also needed to update to meet the needs of our clients and meet modern requirements, one of which is the change from http to https to secure sites. Up to now this is not something that could be done without cost. Google is now looking at sites without https (SSL) and grading them differently and so the ability to quickly add low cost SSL became important.

The move has not cost our clients at all and some have started to save money. One advantage of the new server amongst many is the size of mail boxes with in increase from 1Gb as standard to 10Gb. Previously we had not choice but to buy in this extra space.

Does this affect me?

For most clients the swap takes place overnight and over half of the scheduled moves have been completed without any disruption. It is only users who don’t have email client software and make use of web based mail that need to make a small change. Details of this went out in our June newsletter.

Future services

Site and Server management takes up a lot of time but we are pleased to consistently keep our sites safe and on line at above 99.9% availability. Our new system should be in place for many years to come and we look forward to announcing new services in the future.



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