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Are you talking to your customers?

Do you still send by post? Do you measure the feedback or even check if your customers received your mailing?

How to get updates, news, information about new products, feedback and more to your customers. You need newsletter and product announcement system. Are you getting zero feedback?

Current feedback? 30
Return on investment? 37

Get interactive and boost customer engagement.

Positive Engagement 80
Measurable Results 91

If you know who opened your emails, what they clicked on, who bounced and who unsubscribed, you can start to understand who your audience really is, and what they are interested in.

For every campaign you send, we automatically create reports that are:

  • Easy to understand
  • Automatically updated
  • Simple to share with other people
  • See who has forwarded your email or unsubscribed

Sending the email might not take too long. It’s dealing with the results of your campaign that can eat up your time.

Using our fantastically easy system you can automatically deal with

  • Subscribe and unsubscribe
  • Dealing with bounced emails
  • Dealing with spam complaints
  • Avoid hold ups on your own mail servers

Setting up a reusable template allows you to add in standard components such as unsubscribe links, personalisation tags and to use a bespoke design.

Once your first newsletter template is set up, anyone can add images and text without any design knowledge.

As you access the system you can choose your template from those built for you and previously saved or build something new. Templates can be reused and if you want to include content from a previous newsletter, simply select it as your starting point.

Add a sign-up form to your website or within your social media to grow your readership. All our e-commerce websites allow users to sign-up as they create an account.

GDPR compliant Newsletter

GDPR compliant forms

Don’t get caught out by unintentional spamming.

  • Get reminded of the law and requirements as you add addresses
  • Add text records to your DNS to ensure your mail is not treated as spam
  • Automatic checks prevent you adding an unsubscribed recipient

Want to see if for yourself. We have a dummy account to allow you test the system. Download a requirements guide (keeping your campaigns legal)  Download a copy of our permissions handout

The most cost effective marketing system around. Allowing you to see who accesses and reads your news.

Set up costs vary depending upon requirements but can be FREE or as little as £40, thereafter you only pay for what you use.
Each email campaign costs just £5.00 to send and £0.015 pence per recipient. E.g. Send your newsletter to 1000 addressees and £4.00 + (1000 x 1.5 pence) = £19.00

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