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Reporting Mobile Spam Texts

It can be extremely irritating to persistently receive unwanted spam texts. Did you know you can report the sender to your network provider? This won’t completely stop them but it can certainly help in reducing future spam.

All main network providers have a spam reporting service, simply forward the spam message to 7726 (easily remembered as it spells out SPAM on the keypad), making sure the number it came from is included. In doing this you will enable network providers to remove the numbers generating spam from the network helping them to fight spammers.

You can also report the spam sender to the Information Commissioners Office. They will investigate and can fine firms up to £500,000 for the most serious breaches of the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR), which govern spam texts -a very satisfying thought!

There are actions you can take to reduce the risk of your number getting captured for spam:

  • Be careful who you give out your mobile number to. When signing up to services and registering accounts online, only give a mobile number if it’s absolutely necessary and always make sure you select not to allow your details to be sent on to third parties.
  • Never enter your mobile number online on social media sites, blogs or discussion forums. This makes them easily available for anyone to pick up.
  • If you do receive a SPAM text and it offers a link or number to text STOP to, don’t do it. Any form of reply means that they now know your number is active, so could well make the problem worse.
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