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We plan, Implement, Monitor & Protect

Protecting your digital Data – the cloud services we offer and the additional work we do to enhance the protection to not only websites but your entire digital presence.

One of the advantages of hosted computing is removing the reliance on a single machine – your computer. Building on our experience of creating resilient services, we now offer a bespoke package that removes the risk and the worry of a single point of failure.

We provide all the services to give you guaranteed secure access to your data from any Internet-connected machine. Typically, your email, calendar, data, contacts and business services can be recovered within minutes following a machine failure. Prices on application.

Remote support with Teamviewer

IT support and Management


We can provide your business with a cost-effective maintenance and support plan, paying either a set monthly fee or just ad-hoc use. We source and configure quality equipment, provide only proven services and run a support system to give you the best service at a great price.

We can support you in minutes using remote access to Microsoft PCs, Linux & Mac OS.

We use Kaspersky Business Security.

We are a Microsoft Partner and can offer and provision the full range of Microsoft products for immediate use.

For additional security, call us for more information on security

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