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Over the years we have built up a reputation as a safe and trustworthy company for recovery and prevention.


Websites and online services are continually under attack. We monitor sites on our own servers and offer increasingly sophisticated monitoring and protection. It is no surprise that companies come to us when their website has been attacked.  We can carry out a full review of the site, hosting and databases, take recovery and preventative action. Often, your site can be recovered in a matter of hours and source of the attack identified and action take to prevent a similar attack from being successful.

Where an attack has been successful, it is often necessary to move the site to a more secure server.


Many web hosting companies and web developers do little or nothing to protect your services; instead, they expect the site owner to take appropriate action. Sites and services maintained by us are treated differently. We take steps to protect sites, to monitor attacks and to report weaknesses. We have been advising organisations, companies and our own clients on security matters for over 15 years.

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