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Security Tips on Twitter

During December 2016 we published a series of security tips. If you didn’t get the chance to see them then, here they are for you.

  • TML-Cyber-Tip No1. Got an old phone, don’t dispose of it until you have removed all accounts, Wi-Fi settings, Cal & Contacts.
  • TML-Cyber-Tip No2. Signed up for online shops? Review all your accounts. If you don’t need them, change the details & then unsubscribe.
  • TML-Cyber-Tip No3. Did you pass out your WiFi PW for your guests? When they’ve gone it will be a good time to review and change you PW.
  • TML-Cyber-Tip No 4. When was the last time you set your Anti-Virus to run a full scan? Why not set it to run whilst eating lunch.
  • TML-Cyber-Tip No5. Have you set a password or updated PW for your home router? Without it, hackers can access your home network.
  • TML-Cyber-Tips No6. Aeroplane mode is not just for flying. Use it to disable connections to save battery life and grab some downtime.
  • TML-Cyber-Tip No 7. Use a GPS? Set the home address to the centre of town and never you actual home address. Be careful linking address book
  • TML-Cyber-Tip No8. If you can, use two-factor authentication (2FA) for your important digital accounts. It’s easy to boost your security.
  • TML-Cyber-Tip No9. You can disable your router SSID to make you invisible to the “not so” casual passer-by.
  • TML-Cyber-Tip No10. Most routers will display a list of devices using the local WiFi. Do you recognise them all?
  • TML-Cyber-Tip No11. Think your email account was compromised? Check at Thks to
  • TML-Cyber-Tip No12. When did you last clear your browser cache or even look at it? You may be surprised by what you find.
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