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A secure, cost-effective way to gain more loyal customers

Are you thinking about selling products and services online? It’s a great way to reach a larger market with a shop front that’s open all hours.

But, where do you start? What’s the best way to display your products? How will you accept payment? Can you be sure your site is secure against fraud or cybercriminals? And, how much will it all cost?

Back to basics

Before getting into technical details, it’s important to focus on the basics of retailing. They don’t change, whether you’re selling online or in a store.

  • Research the market to find out what customers are looking for.
  • Offer quality products that represent value for money.
  • Create the best possible shopping experience to attract and retain loyal customers.
  • Make it easy for customers to find, order and pay for products.
  • Give customers the confidence that you will deliver their purchases on time.
  • Create a point of personal contact to deal with enquiries or problems.
  • Check the competition to see how you can offer a better service.

Setting up shop

If you’re taking your first steps in selling online, you can add a small shopping element to your existing website. The cost of a small site like that is generally between £300 and £800.

A full e-commerce site selling a large range of products is likely to cost from £2000 to around £20,000, depending on the level of sophistication.

Whatever size of site you want, we ensure that it incorporates all the elements you need to ensure a simple, secure and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.

  • Clear display of products, with a choice of different layouts that you can customise.
  • Sophisticated search facilities so customers can find products easily.
  • Secure, integrated payment system that accepts major cards and checkout systems.
  • Comprehensive security that is unobtrusive to shoppers, but provides complete protection.
  • Individual customer accounts.
  • One-click re-ordering.
  • Integrated newsletter to promote products and maintain regular communication with customers.
  • Automated tools to provide continuous feedback to the customer, including order created, payment processed and order dispatched.
  • Pages for customers’ product reviews.
  • Integrated social media feeds.

Online shopping in action

Aroma Luxury Candles

The online shopping site makes it easy for this small local company to sell a range of luxury candles throughout the UK. Although the core range and the product descriptions are very similar, the owner can quickly clone the products and change parameters to create new variants. The site features a number of simple but powerful e-commerce components that do not require bespoke coding. The simplicity means that the shop owner can manage and control all aspects of the site, helping to keep costs to a minimum and maximise profit.

Gower Cottage Brownies

Kate Jenkins, the owner of the business, is a baker who produces wonderful Brownies. Kate had a website, but had lost confidence in it due to a number of problems. She developed a specification for the new site which included some very specialised functions:

  • Identify dates when next-day delivery would not be possible and automatically alert the customer at the checkout.
  • Pass orders with dates and delivery information directly from the website to the courier.
  • Allow shoppers to split delivery to a number of addresses.
  • Capture special message text for inclusion in hand-written cards in the finished gift box.
  • Create a searchable recipe section which the owner can easily edit.

Online shopping for your business

If you would like to discuss the benefits of online shopping for your business, please contact us on 01621 817829

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